Buying A Home? 4 Tips To Get The Most Lighting

Purchasing a house is a process you want to take your time with to determine what you need and find the right place. For instance, you can get into a lengthy discussion with your family about everyone's wants and needs, which may reveal the importance of lighting. This makes it worth learning about how to find home listings with ample lighting for your family.

Outside Obstacles

Most factors that impact lighting revolve around the features and qualities of a home. However, you also want to pay attention to outside obstacles because they can significantly affect how much lighting gets through the doors and windows. Fencing, buildings, bushes, and trees can all be tall enough to block direct and indirect light from getting inside.

For the most part, you should expect buildings, houses, neighboring trees, and fencing shared with the neighbors to stay permanently. This still allows for some change with bushes and trees on the property because you can either trim them or remove them entirely.


A smart move is to look for properties with ample window space. Finding homes with lots of small windows might seem better than getting a place with fewer windows. But you must analyze the window space. A single floor-to-ceiling window can sometimes bring in more natural light than several small windows depending on their exact size and location.

Another detail to consider is which rooms you want the most lighting in. For instance, you may not plan to spend much time in your bedroom except for sleeping. This will allow you to focus on other areas, such as the kitchen, dining room, and living room, to get the most lighting.


Although you will not receive as much natural light from exterior doors as the windows around your house, you can get enough to prioritize them. A sliding glass door or French patio doors as backyard entrances are both great sources of natural light that you can get for your living room.


While you may want to emphasize natural lighting through doors and windows, you will find it beneficial to analyze artificial lighting from home listings. Recessed lights, track lights, and ceiling light fixtures are some of the lights you can get for general lighting inside a room.

Some ceiling fans come with anywhere from one to five light sockets to provide illumination. Also, you can increase kitchen lighting with under cabinet lighting in the form of LED strips.

Using these tips will help you find and buy a home with ample lighting for your family. For more information about lighting or home buying tips, contact a real estate agent in your area.