3 Ways To Find A Real Estate Agent In A Town You Don't Live In

When you're moving across town or a few towns over, it's relatively easy to find a real estate agent. You stop into a local office, or you ask a few friends for recommendations. But what if you're moving far away — to a different state or across the state to a town you are not familiar with? How do you find a real estate agent in an unfamiliar town? Here are a few tips.

Check out real estate agency social media pages.

Find a few of the larger real estate agencies in the area you'll be moving to. (You can usually figure out which ones are popular just by searching online.) Go to their social media pages, and then look through the posts over the last few months. It is popular for real estate agents to post on the company page when they make a sale or find a buyer a home. See which agents seem to have the most of these posts. These are the really hard-working agents who are doing very well, and they will probably do well for you, too.

Ask for recommendations on a community page.

You might not live in this new town yet, but you will soon, so it is never too early to make friends. Join some of the community pages for the area you're moving to. Introduce yourself, and tell the members you'll be moving to the area. Ask them for some real estate agent recommendations. Pay the most attention to recommendations for agents who the poster has actually worked with. Someone might share that their brother, sister, or friend is an agent — take that with less weight than a recommendation from a previous client.

Visit the town, and stop by the office.

Take a day or two to visit the town where you'll be moving. While you are there, stop by a real estate office or two in person. Explain what you are looking for. You can probably sit down and chat with two or three different agents right then and there. Pay attention to how they answer your questions and how experienced they seem. Think about each of these meetings for a few days, and then call back the agent you feel is the best fit.

Finding an agent to represent you is a little harder when you're from out of town, but there are several good approaches you can take.